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Helping a design minded furniture group to take full control over their online identity.

That Watson needed a new website was obvious. It was a relic. Not quite Space Jam old, but still of an era where touch screens were only in movies, the Internet only came in seven fonts, and designers believed that clicking was better than scrolling. The design challenge with Watson was to simplify a labyrinthine collection of related product offerings into a clean user experience in a way that was organized but still visually engaging.

iPad Mini Content

Joe Fresh

The first-ever ecommerce site for Canada's favorite fast fashion clothing brand.

There's a secret ingredient to this international growth and appeal: Joe Fresh has built a devoted community of brand fans who regard its affordable, high-quality apparel as an easy solution for the whole family's fashion needs. With the brand's strong reputation for convenience and accessibility, its evolution into digital was the natural next step. This year, Joe Fresh tapped us to design its first-ever ecommerce site. The challenge would be to create an ecommerce experience from scratch that would feel authentic to the Joe Fresh brand - on any device, in any location, and using two different currencies.

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A front end UI framework and brand for a social sharing SAAS web app.

Cinchshare came to us looking for a new brand, a web app, and custom code that they could implement for their social media sharing platform. They had a software product they had built just for themselves, but that unexpectedly took off with other users, and now they needed their brand to catch up with their growing audience. Cinchshare makes social media management, well, a cinch. Making that clear mattered a lot when it came time for strategizing, since the target audiences we identified for them were the kinds of people who didn't have time or interest in sophisticated social media technology. (Even though that's what they were getting, it needed to be cleverly disguised and outrageously simple.)

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Growing an in store and online brand experience for a restaurant on a mission.

Sprout was seeking a brand identity, including a name and logo, as well as an in-store and online experience that aligned to the brand and helped convey the company's dedication to offering healthy, patch-to-plate lunch options. From the now-vibrant color palette to the verbiage describing the intentions driving Sprout's founder, the company needed to promote an overarching aesthetic that engaged Seattle's mid-day crowd to choose fresh, local options over classically sub-par meal offerings - they needed to make fresh, nutritious meals feel accessible.

Apple watch compatable website designer and developer in US, California, New York, London and India

Restoration Hardware

RHContemporary is a first-of-its-kind skeumorphic wearable experience for the art world.

We designed and built an online gallery where works of art appear as though mounted on a wall with a floor, with realistic lighting and shadowing. They hang next to other works in a digital gallery and appear to scale relative to each other and silhouettes of people. When users click on each work, they find the detailed information that they'd usually find beside the piece on a gallery wall. Another click reveals the feature called "the moment alone" allowing the viewer to isolate the painting on a blank screen, away from other design elements. They can zoom in on the painting, revealing brushstrokes and other media in high definition.

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With a lifestyle blog, class directory & the brand's first ecommerce site, the new Zumba empowers people to get fit & join the dance party.

The challenge was to invite this community to engage online, mobilizing the exceptional brand loyalty of ZINs and their students to drive the expansion of the Zumba brand. Our challenge was to reinvent Zumba's digital identity in order to fuel the fitness craze with other branded products, including apparel, home exercise equipment, nutrition programs, and editorial content.

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